My Personal Phallosan Review Vs Other Penis Extenders!

Do you want a bigger penis?

What is the Phallosan extender?

joshThe Phallosan is different to all the other penis extenders on the market today.It does focus on the same principle of traction still because that is the only thing that works to give you any gains.

It’s just that the way the Phallosan does it is a little different and, even more, effective than normal extenders.

The way it works, it can give you much better gains because the number of hours you can wear it consistently is dramatically increased. I’m talking about 10, 12, 15 or even 20 hours a day this thing can be worn without causing any discomfort.

For those of you who have used a regular extender, I am sure that you can agree with me here that they can’t be worn for that amount of time because it will start to hurt.

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Plus even though most extenders out there claim that they can be worn under clothes while you’re out and about, this is not possible in real life. Believe me, I have tried it, and it looks like you have an erection under your jeans. But with the Phallosan you can barely notice, have a look for yourself over at Uvu Performance. There’s a picture of a guy wearing it under jeans.

It’s worse if you’re at work, and you are wearing trousers because the material is much thinner.

I have been able to wear it all night long and sleep comfortably even forgetting that I had it on. Now that probably seems like a far-fetched claim if you have used a regular extender.

But trust me I couldn’t believe it either until I actually did it.

I was meant to wear it for 3 hours during sleep and then take it off and go back to bed. But it goes entirely unnoticeable that I slept through the whole night and woke up in the morning wearing it.

How does it work?

It involves stretching the penis by use of its vacuum protector system. Firstly you place a protector cap on the head of your penis which is made of medical grade silicon. This is mainly for protection and so that a vacuum seal can be created. Then you put the head of your penis inside a bell-shaped contraption, and then you extract the air out, so it creates a seal.

To make sure that the seal is solidified even more a sort of condom is rolled over the bell onto your penis so no air can escape and there won’t be any chance if the Phallosan was becoming loose and falling through your trouser leg!

An orthopedic belt is used with a rubber ring on one end. The rubber ring sits at the base of your shaft, and the belt is wrapped around your waist. The other side of the belt is attached to the bell, and it is very secure due to the vacuum seal that is created. You can quickly change the tension too in measurable amounts.

Most penis extenders can only give you a maximum of 2000g of tension, and it will start to hurt once you have worn if for a few hours or so. But with the Phallosan, a maximum pressure of 3000g can be achieved, and this can be worn for many hours and very comfortable indeed.

Also, you really can wear this while you are out because it allows for a lot of movement and it won’t show through your clothes. You can wear it to work, and your boss won’t notice a thing lol.

Have a look at the picture to see how you would attach it to your penis because I tried to explain it the best I could but it still might not make sense.

how it works

What I have been doing is switching sides every other day so for two days I wear it to the left-hand side and two days I wear it to the right. This way you will make sure that your penis doesn’t grow at a slant.

Also, it is medically proven to correct penis curvature, and there are independent studies to prove this too So say if your penis is curved to one side then I would recommend wearing it to the opposite side for as long as it takes for you to fix the curvature of your penis.

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Why use Phallosan instead of a regular penis extender?

First of all Phallosan is a class 1 medical device which has had independent studies confirming its effectiveness printed in actual medical journals. Which other device do you know has that sort of evidence eh?

The study concluded that after 12 hours per day for six days per week in six months you can safely increase your penis size by 1.9 inches. You can check out the journal article as well as other press references on the Official website.

Phallosan can be used by literally anyone regardless of your age, and they currently have over 180,000 customers who have seen significant results.

People even use it in conjunction with other extenders for example they will wear the standard extender at home (because you can’t wear it out) and they will wear the Phallosan all day at work.

You can use it after prostate surgery; it corrects penis curvature and cures erectile dysfunction. My morning erections are so much harder now after using the Phallosan, and they don’t go away until I make them go away, if you know what I mean, wink wink.

You can wear it for hours on end; I usually wear it for at least 12 hours a day and most of the time that are during the night while I sleep. I also wear it to work too, all day long; I only have to take it off when I need to pee.

If you have checked the clinical study that is printed in the scientific journey of Urology, it states that the results are permanent, and it also gives you girth too not just length. Nobody wants a long skinny penis to do they?

official site

Is the Phallosan Forte safe?

In my opinion, it seems like the most reliable penis enlargement device that I have come across. I used to experience pain with my normal extender, and I could only wear it for a couple of hours at a time.

With the Phallosan that is not a problem plus I can even apply the same tension and more than most extenders anyway without any pain or reactions to my penis.

All the parts of the Phallosan are allergen-free materials so you won’t have any problems with allergic reactions or anything like that.

What about the results with the Phallosan?

I have just started using the Phallosan, but I will be keeping a log on a weekly basis of how it’s going, I have just completed my first week so you can read my experience with it HERE

As for most users, you can expect almost 2-inch length gains in 6 months if you manage to wear it for about 12 hours a day.

Trust me this is easier than you might think, you won’t even be able to feel it at all within a few days of wearing it. You can walk around, even run, and do everything you usually do without it interfering with your life at all. You can’t do that with a normal penis extender.

It does work

Should you buy it and try it yourself?

The reason I bought it was because I never really get time to use my normal extender. Although I am pretty sure it works I can’t wear it for enough hours to see results because I don’t have much free time.

I can only use it when I am at home by myself because it’s uncomfortable and shows through my clothes, so this had led to me wearing it for a few weeks when I initially bought it and then I have just stopped wearing it altogether.

But with the Phallosan, it’s an entirely different story. I have managed to wear it for at least 12 days consecutively even when I am out and while I am asleep. And the plus side is that it provides, even more, tension than the normal extender without being painful.

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