Ongoing Review Of My Phallosan Results (Updated Weekly)

Phallosan resultsWelcome to my weekly update of using the Phallosan.

OK, so I have only just started using it and its now been a week since I have been using it, and I can tell you already that I am really impressed with it.

I want to keep this completely unbiased, so I will cover everything that is good and bad about it.

Let me tell you though there is hardly anything bad that I can say about it, I’ll include the bad first just to get it out of the way.

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The downside of this product is the condom sleeve, although it is much stronger than an ordinary condom it is quite thin and for that reason I think it would probably get ruined after a while and needs to be replaced.

phallosan results are greatThe rest of the parts of the Phallosan are extremely high quality and seem like they will be going strong for many years to come.

There is a full warranty on all the parts which is reassuring just in case something does break, but I don’t see that as being a problem as I said everything looks like it is of high quality and will last for ages.

UPDATE AUGUST 2016: Phallosan are now offering 4 free sleeve condoms with every new order, or if you have purchased it previously then you can contact them, and they will send out the four sleeve condoms to you for free.

What I thought of doing was instead of purchasing a new sleeve condom from Phallosan themselves I bought a nice hard wearing silicone sleeve on eBay, and that will last a very long time.

I won’t have to order replacement sleeves anytime soon 🙂

New Improved Sleeve condoms

Also, they have improved the sleeve condoms which I have tried and tested out, and they are much higher quality than the previous ones. I am going strong for nearly two months now using just one of the new condoms, Just treat it with care and apply baby powder to it and it will last you a long time. I have included a video for you to watch below just to illustrate how versatile they are and don’t forget they will send you 3 for free.

DISCLAIMER: I have seen many sites claiming that you will only receive the 4 free condoms if you click on a link on their website. THIS IS FALSE, and it is actually Phallosan themselves offering this to everyone. Click on any of the links on this site to take you over there and you will still be offered this bonus just to prove to you that these claims are untrue.

Now that’s out of the way let’s look at the plus side of using phallosan

Since using it, I have not lost suction at all with the device, and it holds quite tightly even when I increase the tension.

I also bought some medical tape which I use to cover the head of my penis just for added safety because I add quite a bit of traction, and I use it for many hours a day.

In the manual it does say that you should start using it for 1 hour the first time then increase by an hour for every day until you have been wearing it for about a week.

But me being me I thought to scratch that and just start with 3 hours on the first day, 6 hours the second day and 9 hours the third day and 12 hours a day after that.

The comfort that I feel wearing this thing is unbelievable, I never thought that one day I would come across a penis enlargement device that I could literally wear for 12 hours straight, and it feels as though I’m not wearing anything.

The second night I wore it I fell asleep with it on and woke up in the morning with no problem whatsoever, so now I am trying to wear it for as many hours a day that I possibly can to see results as fast as possible.

I wear it while I sleep so I get a good 8 hours there and then I wear it to work too which gives me about 8 hours so all in all about 16 hours a day.

I can wear it under my work trousers, and nobody suspects a thing, it is quite discrete compared to a regular extender plus you can move around and carry on with your day as usual.

My official phallosan results

What else…

I have even worn it out to a bar with my work colleagues after work, and we ended up playfully wrestling, so I was moving around quite a bit, I even forgot I was wearing it. It actually is that comfortable!

With that being said I am pretty sure some of you are reading this are probably thinking well if it’s that comfortable then there can’t be very much tension applied to your dick. Am I right?

Well, the tension is adjustable, and I make sure I apply quite a bit of pressure, so it feels like as much tension as a normal extender, for example, a Jes Extender. I’ll talk more about the tension in just a second for those of you who are still skeptical (I did a little experiment!)

Is it easy to attach it?

Well, the first time I did it took me about 2 minutes but now I can pop it on and off in about 30 seconds which is good if I need to pee at work.

After only a week my dick hangs longer than it used to and I can tell that it is getting bigger, but I have held off from measuring because then I will end up measuring all the time which is not good. I am planning on measuring every month so I can give my penis a bit of time to grow.

I think the reason why I can already tell it’s growing is because of the number of hours I can wear it for. I have never been able to wear my regular extender for this amount of time; it would probably take me a month or more to get this many hours of wear out of it.

To sum it up I really think this is the best thing since sliced bread. If only I had known about this before. I would have clocked so many hours by now already.

Phallosan tension? (Experiment)

phallosan tensionWell, I call it an experiment, but it’s really quite simple. I did a weight test with the Phallosan, so I could see how much tension it could really apply to the penis and what I found was actually quite shocking!

The max weight that I measured was 2936 grams of tension so if you’re thinking this thing doesn’t pack a punch then you’re wrong!

Just to put things in perspective, the Jes Extender, which is a regular extender offers only 1500g of tension and some of the other extenders out there only offer 1800g, so this is really quite comfortable for the amount of tension it provides.

I hope my review helps if you were in two minds about purchasing it and if you are interested just click on the link below.

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