The Phallosan Extender Is Painless. No Really It is!

penis extenderEven though the Phallosan extender using the same method of enlarging your penis as other devices it is quite unique in the way it does so.

It works by exploiting the clinically proven method of traction where if your penis remains in an extended state for a long time then it will start to grow by cell division and multiplication.

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The problem with the usual type of extenders is that they are bulky, and so you can’t wear them under your clothes, and they limit your maneuverability when you are out so you can’t wear them during the day.

This type of device leads to a limited number of hours per day that they can be used so you won’t see results very quickly.

With the Phallosan it is virtually invisible under clothes and does not restrict your movement at all, the key is the way that it is attached to your penis.

This means that the number of hours that you can wear it a day is greatly increased so you can start to see gains much quicker.

Also, it is much more comfortable and feels as though you aren’t wearing anything at all unlike other extenders which begin to hurt after a few hours of use.

I should know because I have tried both methods and I wish I had started with the Phallosan first.

Unlike other extenders, it has been given FDA Approval too with many scientific studies conducted on it to prove its effectiveness and safety. The studies are mostly independent and carried out by professional Urologists who have then gone on to publish the results in scientific journals.

Don’t believe me? Then check out this study on the Phallosan website.

Penis extender

This is why I prefer Phallosan over my regular extender

joshFirstly it is incredibly comfortable, so comfortable in the fact that I was shocked myself when I first wore it. That very same night I wore it throughout the whole night as I slept for about 9 hours.

Not once did it irritate me or cause any discomfort and I slept like a baby through the entire night. I even forgot that I had it on when I woke up.

I can easily turn sides as I sleep with it on too because I don’t usually stay in one position throughout the whole night which I am sure is the case for most of us!

With my regular Jes extender, I could not sleep with it on because you can only wear it for a maximum of a few hours before it starts to get painful. Plus I would have to lie on my back the whole duration of wearing it so I couldn’t even get to sleep with it on even if I tried.

I even wore it to work the next day and only had to take it off once when I had to go to the toilet. But then I quickly put it back on again and carried on with the rest of my day.

I tried that once with my Jes extender, and it was a nightmare. I had to wear a bag with me for when I had to take it off and give my dick a rest and it was so uncomfortable walking around and even sitting down.

why this extender is betterI had to pretend that I was sore from the gym the night before just to make it look natural.

Oh, and did I mention how a standard extender is impossible to hide under clothes well unless you’re wearing a skirt or extremely baggy trousers.

That’s the reason I could only wear my regular extender for a few hours a day when I was in the privacy of my room.

It even provides more tension than a usual extender too. My Jes extender has a maximum of 1500g of tension, and the Phallosan can go above 2000g of tension so it is a real stretch that you will get out of it for about 12 hours a day.

I am pretty sure none of you have managed that with a standard extender before.

I did an experiment to measure the exact amount of tension that the Phallosan can put your dick under so you can check out my results HERE

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The one thing I don’t like…

The only thing I don’t like about the Phallosan is that it comes with thin condom like sleeves which are used as a seal to stretch your penis. Well, that’s not what I don’t like, but it’s the fact that the sleeves are fragile and look as though they won’t last very long.

The manufacturers do say to put baby powder on the outside of them after each use to preserve their lifetime, but it will be expensive to keep replacing them.

So what I did to fix that problem was I bought a thick medical silicon sleeve to use instead. This seems to work just as good, and I know it will last much longer than their sleeves.

If you do decide to buy it, then I would strongly recommend that you do the same. I have put a picture of one below so you know what I am talking about! 

silicone sleeve

You can also click on any of the links in the sidebar which will take you to other information about the Phallosan, also my personal review and weekly updates on my progress with it so far.

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IMPORTANT: DO NOT buy Phallosan from anywhere else except for the official site for your own safety and to ensure you receive a genuine device.

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