Does Phallosan work? This Is Why You Should Read This!

does it workLike most penis enlarging devices the Phallosan works on the principle of traction because that is the only principle that will work to enlarge the size of your member.

But the way that the Phallosan achieves this is much different to the usual extenders that you might have seen advertised.

Aside from that, it can be worn any time even while you are out and for many hours at a time without causing you any pain or discomfort whatsoever.

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I know this may seem like an unrealistic claim but if you understand how it works you can see how the Phallosan Forte can pull this off. Think about it, it’s been on the market for 14 years so they must be doing something right. Let’s have a look and see why…

All extenders use traction…

joshRight so if all extenders use traction to increase your length and girth then how can this type of extender differ so much is what you’re probably asking yourself right now.

They all work on traction but the more hours of traction that you put your penis under the quicker, you will see gains. The problem with the typical extenders is that they cause pain and discomfort after a few hours of wear.

They are also too big to be wearing under your clothes while you’re out and also restrict your movement too which is why I stopped using my Jes extender a few weeks after I bought it.

Now I have been wearing the Phallosan for a few weeks now, and I can honestly say that it can be worn while you sleep and during the day as you go about your business.

This is how I now manage to get roughly 12 hours of extending done every day. As with my regular extender, I only wore it for about 2 hours a day when I got home from work.

There was an impartial study conducted using the Phallosan a few years ago which was published in an actual scientific journal which showed that an increase of 1.9 inches was possible if it was used for 12 hours a day for six months.

You need to understand that 12 hours a day with a regular extender would be virtually impossible that’s why it is so effective. You can clear 8 hours alone while you sleep!


But don’t believe everything…

As with most devices in the male enhancement market, there is always some hype attached to each different product. Some claim that you can gain an inch in a week even, which is completely false and unrealistic.

That is why when talking about the Phallosan I have only mentioned the clinical study which was printed in a scientific journal so you can get a realistic expectation of the device.

You can read all the details of the clinical study on their official website by clicking here.

It has also been approved by the FDA, so it is a  class 2 medical device, Click the link and it will take you to the FDA database with all the details. If it would be more comforting to you alternatively just go to the official FDA website and type Phallosan in the search box, and it will bring up the same details.

What does it cost?

It costs $324 which includes shipping. I know it seems like a lot of money but most extenders are quite expensive anyway, and you won’t be able to use them for this many hours in such a short time.  So you will either not get the gains you are after, or you will just give up on the extender.

So now I wish I had never invested in a normal extender and just gone straight for the Phallosan to start with. Well, I suppose its better you learn from my mistakes than to go out there and make your own.

For those of you thinking that the phallosan can’t match the same tension provided by a normal extender then you will be surprised to know that it can produce over 2100g of tension. Which is more than most extenders even the more expensive ones.

My Jes extender that I no longer use only goes up to 1500g of tension. So just imagine what gains you will see if you have that much traction for 12 hours a day! Comfortably!

I can’t comment on my gains just yet because I haven’t measured because I have only recently started using it but I can tell just by looking at it that it’s getting bigger. I will measure once a month, and you can read my weekly log of my experience with it experiment with it HERE

it really does work

What sets it apart from another extender…?

I have tried using my Jes extender while I sleep lying on my back, but one of 2 things happens before I had to rip it off angrily.

Either it becomes too painful, and I wake up (I hardly ever fell asleep with it though because you can’t move, you have to sleep on your back) or I would get an erection, and my penis would just pop out of the extender.

The Phallosan is not painful at all, and you can fall asleep quickly because you can sleep on your side or whatever position you want and it accommodates for you when you get an erection. The only time you will have to take it off is if you need to pee.

I usually pee just before I put it on though so I can get full night’s sleep while wearing it.

Now I am not saying that you won’t see results with other extenders, but it will be much slower and more painful. You might even end up giving up on it as I did so then there’s no chance of seeing any gains.

With the Phallosan, you stand a good chance of gaining inches within a few months easily because it doesn’t interfere with your life and schedule at all.

Well except for a few a minutes a day when you put it on and take it off, but that’s about it.

I will be keeping this website updated with all my latest results and my experience with using it so feel free to check back or you can visit the official website by clicking on the link below.

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