Where To Buy Phallosan Without Getting Scammed?

joshIf my guess is right then, you are here because you are interested in buying Phallosan or if you are looking for reasons why you should buy it. If I was right, then thank God you arrived here first.

I’ll give you some reasons why you should try it first and then direct you to the right place to buy it from the safest most reputable source to avoid you from getting scammed.

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Right now I guess that you know all about it so I won’t go into what it is or how quickly you can experience results.

But if you want to know more about it then you can read my detailed review HERE and check out my weekly log of using it HERE

What I am going to share with you first is some reasons why I bought Phallosan Forte, so here goes…

No side effects

The only side effect that you will experience is an enlarged penis over time. But that’s not really a side effect because that’s the whole aim of the game.

The different parts of the Phallosan that will be in direct contact with your penis are made from medical grade silicone so you won’t even experience any allergic reactions.


I have seen some regular penis extenders which if you have a tiny penis you will have to purchase a smaller model. But the Phallosan is suitable for all penis sizes; the only requirement of the Phallosan is that you have a penis 😉

It is also suitable for you even if you only want to use it for correcting penis curvature. It is suitable for wearing for extended periods of time and virtually all circumstances even to work.

It is extremely comfortable

Ok, I admit that this is not something that I could guarantee before I bought it but after wearing it myself, I can say that this is extremely comfortable and convenient. I can comfortably wear it throughout the night while I sleep and wear it all day long at work too.

This is why I think it is so successful because the number of hours you can wear it is so much more than a regular extender.

My Jes extender started to hurt after a few hours of wearing it, and I couldn’t wear it to sleep or work.

The tension that you can get with the Phallosan is higher than my Jes extender too, so if you think about it, more traction plus more hours equals better faster results.the amount of tension you can get is much higher than normal extenders

Medical backing

The Phallosan is classed as a Type 1 medical device which has been proven to work for not only penis enlargement but also to correct curvature of the penis.

wear it for over 12 hours a dayThe clinical data was a result of tests undertaken by impartial doctors which show that you can increase your length by about 2 inches within six months providing you wear its consistency.

Check out the clinical study that was published in a scientific journal on their official website.

I wear my Phallosan for a minimum of 12 hours per day at high tension, so it is possible. Usually, though I wear it for 8 hours while I sleep and then another 6 hours at work, so that’s 14 hours a day comfortably without any pain AND at a higher tension than my regular extender.

It is really easy to use

It comes with an instructional DVD which has a video showing you exactly how to attach it to your penis and how to increase tension.

They recommend to use it with mild pressure for the first week, then slowly increase the tension after a few days of using it.

But me being me I started increasing it during the first week and didn’t feel any pain, I could feel that my penis was being stretched but no pain or discomfort.

It was more reassuring because I could feel a constant stretch but after a few hours, it does become unnoticeable even if you use it with high tension.

I can pop it on in about 30 or 40 seconds so even if I need to pee it doesn’t cause any inconvenience.

official studies


With any device of this nature, I am pretty sure that most of us want to keep it quiet. The Official Company that I bought my phallosan from treated my order with the utmost discretion.

It was shipped in plain packaging which had no sign at all of what was contained in the box. You can also make special requests if you need to. Oh, and when you wear it while you are out nobody will be able to tell that you are wearing it.

I know the average extender companies CLAIM that their extender will go unnoticed, but if you have tried it, then you are aware that this is not true.

updateI have been wearing it to work every day, and even I can’t tell that I am wearing it, and I don’t have to act like I have hurt my back every time I’m sitting down 😉

UPDATE: Make sure that you only purchase the Phallosan from the official website because that way you can rest assured that you have received an official version of the product. There has been news of fake versions being sold too, so I hope nobody gets pulled into that trap.

From the official website, you will be able to get free replacements of some of the parts. I know you have to buy them but if you shoot them an email with your order number they will be happy to send out replacement parts for free. Well, they did for me at least 🙂

You will get a two years warranty on the Phallosan and also a guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied with it but only when purchased freefrom the official website.

UPDATE: They are now offering four free condom sleeves with your order and if you have already made a previous order just send them an email, and they will send you out the sleeves for free of charge but only if you ordered directly from them.

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